I finally went to a Hollister store

26 Jul

So I did it. After years of walking past it, I finally went into a Hollister store. Well it was an outlet, but still a Hollister nonetheless.

Why did I go? Because of my mom. She’s trying to “Americanize” me, which makes utterly no sense. I’m American. I’ve never even been out of this country.

So back to my experience, my first thought was “Damn. It’s dark in here. I can barely see a thing.” I still don’t understand why it’s so dark in there. I was unable to see the true colors of the clothes. I got this one pink shirt and for a little bit, under the very dim lighting, it looked a little orange. But luckily when I got home I saw that it was pink.

All I bought there was 3 shirts, all size medium. I was shocked to find out that their sizes went from extra-small to only a large. It made think that this is why some girls go anorexic. Their size large isn’t even that big. My mom bought a size large shirt for herself, and I tried it on and it fit me pretty well. That’s the largest size they have. That’s ridiculous. It’s like they’re subliminally discriminating against bigger people. Even stores like Forever 21 have plus sizes. It wouldn’t kill them to at least make an extra large.

So anyways, have I now become a Hollister crazed girl? No. I like their tee shirts (they’re really comfy), but the other clothes are a little bit blah. It’s just not my style. Hollister sort of reminds me of The Gap. If I want a comfy jacket or shirt, sure I’ll go to Hollister. But for trendy clothes, I’ll stick with the Marshall’s junior department (known as The Cube), TJ Maxx, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, and sometimes Forever 21 (as you can see I’m a girl on a budget).

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